Challenges of an Immigrant-Ep. 3

Each step we take demonstrates why we made it out of our comfort zone and are on the path of success. You need to reach out to the inner strength that made you not freak out on the way to the airport.  Our strength lies in remembering the stories from our backgrounds and growing up. These include mosquito bites, trekking or hiking to school, or looking for the next meal. Each horrible story or sweet experience together makes our numbers. Every time you face a difficult situation, imagine the number of times you have shouted “UP NEPA or Up Light” plus the number of mosquitoes that bit you before you could finish your studies. Remembering that these things never deterred you from pursuing your education or dreams should make you be focused. This cumulative experience makes you significant and relevant in being an instrument of change. Your value and wealth of wisdom are essential to your new home.


Along with stepping out of your comfort zone, there are many obstacles that you will come across. Many immigrants are in pursuit of opportunity, and in order to find the best, you must put your best foot forward and present all of the skills you can bring to the table. Knowing another language and understanding different cultures can be challenging but has led immigrants to creative enclaves that make them feel welcomes.

Living in communities that bring a sense of nostalgia and comfort to your homeland is very important. The key is not to limit yourself within these communities and always search for opportunities outside. These cultural enclaves can only provide short-term options, and you begin to acclimate to your surroundings. Although there is nothing wrong with gravitating to a similar lifestyle that you have lived once before, you must immerse yourself in this new world of opportunities. Sub-cultural seclusion can put a stop to the mobility and possibilities of your life.


My goal is to help people understand their presence and skill in this world for them to gain confidence. We are strong and deserve to celebrate the small victories that can lead us to tremendous success in the future.

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