Navigating the Realities of Entrepreneurship: Myths and Realities

Introduction: In the realm of business, the human mind is a perpetual consumer, seeking products and services that entertain, nourish, and energize existence. This constant need drives the entrepreneur’s quest to identify the most desirable and valuable products or services. As I’ve journeyed through various cultures and backgrounds, engaging with entrepreneurs, a central question arises: “Why choose the path of

Africa’s Role in Fintech

In recent years, African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria have become financial technology hubs. African Fintech development wave is built on mobile phones. Following the underdevelopment in this continent, they have developed cheap Fintech platforms accessible to most residents. Branch is one of the giant Fintech companies in Africa. It is a mobile lending application developed in

Myth of An

How Fintech Generates Profit

Fintech is a new industry that has attracted much attention. However, many of its players are still not profitable even though they have accumulated enough users or wealth to develop mature technologies and products. Some fintech companies even need to raise capital as soon as they achieve the desired scale. So how do fintech companies generate profit? Crowdfunding Platforms The most common

Ep. 5 of Challenges of an Immigrant

When you are new to an environment, you expect to be accepted by all because we are humans, and, essentially, we are all equal. Unfortunately, more often than not, that is not the case. Just like George Orwell said in his book Animal Farm, “some animals are more equal than others.” So we know that not everyone is essentially equal all

Ep. 4 of Challenges of an Immigrant

I frequently meet different immigrants from various backgrounds and cultures and hear the complaints of not being easily integrated or accepted in the new society. As a result, they naturally gravitate towards people from their culture or people who look like them. They choose to remain in the realm of comfortability and not want to branch out. They tend to

How Is Fintech Changing The Financial World?

Fintech is the combination of finance and technology. It has become increasingly evolved and integrated during the past couple of years, and when Covid19 hit, the concept became a widespread need. Stay-at-home orders and bans on large public gatherings have made it so that contact needed to be extremely limited, but all the functions of the world are required to

Challenges of an Immigrant-Ep. 3

Each step we take demonstrates why we made it out of our comfort zone and are on the path of success. You need to reach out to the inner strength that made you not freak out on the way to the airport.  Our strength lies in remembering the stories from our backgrounds and growing up. These include mosquito bites, trekking or

Anslem Oshionebo, Fintech Professional & Entrepreneur, Based in Dallas, Texas

Anslem Oshionebo is a Dallas-based fintech professional formerly working as the CEO and President of Ping Express, a money-transfer service that eliminates the problems of traditional money transfers. Anslem is passionate about providing a product that allows people to have full control over their money transfers without the need for external agents. Anslem Oshionebo has an extensive background in accounting,

#ChallengesofanImmigrant Ep. 2 pt. 2

I thought I’d conclude on the part from last week on accepting the inevitable. Distancing yourself from your colleagues or neighbors based on perceived behaviors or discrimination does not change the situation. I already knew I was the only black immigrant in the room, and there was nothing that would change it. But I chose the side that was more

How Covid-19 has Affected Immigrants

The Pandemic of Covid19 was disruptive for every person around the world. The virus took a toll on various industries and individuals. However, one of the groups who did not receive much attention for the effects they’ve experienced due to the virus is immigrants. For those who were born outside of the United States, this pandemic was especially scary and

#ChallengesOfAnImmigrant – Ep. 2

Your new environment may discriminate against you, but don’t distance yourself from the situation, so you do not validate their reasons for the discrimination. Being in a new city, country, workplace, or around new people can be awkward and different in certain instances. One of the main challenges immigrants face is speaking the language of the country they are moving