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Fintech is the combination of the words Finance and Technology. It is the categorization of companies that implement modern technology in financial businesses. Fintech has an incredible potential for growth in 2021 and the years following, especially due to cashless payments becoming increasingly popular. With the Pandemic still taking its toll on every industry, companies have started getting creative with how they use technology. Let’s take a look at some of the top Fintech stocks we can expect to skyrocket in 2021, as featured on The Motley Fool.


At first, Square was simply a way for merchants to process credit and debit cards on their cellular devices. Over the past several years, it has evolved into an individual and large-scale small business financial ecosystem. In addition to small businesses, the company has started to gain traction with bigger merchants as well. Square has two sub-companies: Cash App and Square Online Store, which are both rapidly growing as a way for people and companies to make online payments. Square is expected to continue to grow in popularity, especially as the need for no-contact payments is still prevalent due to the Pandemic.


Paypal Holdings has been the unbeatable leader in the sector of online payments for quite some time now. However, Paypal has also expanded over the years from its original platform. One of their sub-companies, Venmo, has quickly become an online leader in person-to-person-payments. Paypal is also acquiring even more companies, such as Honey, another e-commerce tool to expand the market. At 361 million current accounts, CEO Dan Schulman believes that the amount of Paypal users can reach 1 billion very soon in the future. Like Square, it is believed that the effects of Covid will help promote Paypal’s growth with more and more people needing to make online payments to merchants, family, and friends. 

Green Dot

Green Dot is actually one of the pioneer fintech companies on the market. They are known for creating the prepaid debit card about 20 years ago. Even though the company began losing market share to newer companies like Paypal and Square, they used their key advantage, their banking charter, to innovate and stay in the game. They have now introduced a savings account with a 2% yield to Walmart Money Card holders, and they are also being used by companies such as Uber, Apple, and Stash.